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Almanza CPA Firm, LLC

Almanza CPA Firm

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Almanza CPA Firm’s international tax experts understand that the complex rules and regulations impacting international businesses and persons may be a daunting task. Almanza CPA Firm’s international tax experts provide compliance and planning tax services including:

• Entity and tax regimen elections

• Transfer pricing planning

• FBAR filing

• Planning of export incentives through an IC-DISC

• Foreign tax credit planning

• Foreign tax planning and compliance

• Foreign investment in U.S. real property

• Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA) matters

• Tax services for U.S. employees working abroad

• Tax services for foreign persons working in the U.S.

• Comprehensive tax planning and compliance services for individuals (including expatriates and foreign nationals)

• Income tax treaty planning

• International tax reviews

• Foreign currency gains & losses calculations

• Repatriation of earnings

Almanza CPA Firm is committed to providing the international investor peace of mind in taxation matters when establishing a presence in the United States.

Our tax and accounting experts work with our client’s immigration attorneys to establish the adequate immigration strategy taking all financial matters into careful consideration.

At Almanza CPA Firm we work with limited engagements at a time thus allowing our team if international experts to deliver our tax services efficiently and professionally.